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Abstract Art For Every Room In Your Home

Abstract art promotes creativity and ideas. It can also elicit calmness. The meaning of abstract art is left open to interpretation by the artist and the viewer. The meaning of an abstract painting is very personal. The artist and the viewer may have very different interpretations. There is a place for original abstract art in every room.

Place a striking piece of original abstract art in your foyer or hallway in warm colors to welcome guests. Large focal pieces work well in living rooms, above a couch or fireplace. If the room decor is neutral, pick something with bright, bold colors. If the room already has many colors and patterns, steer towards something monochromatic. Choose a painting that will spark conversations. Pick a color from the furnishings, one that works well with the wall color. If the backdrop color doesn't go with the painting's colors, it will detract from the artwork.

Include some original abstract art in your home office, den or library. You may become captivated by a piece depicting a letter or number. Consider mixed media pieces, especially if they contain bits of newspaper or other sources of text. If you engage in creative activities viewing original abstract art will help your creative ideas flow.

Hang some original abstract art in your bedroom. If you have a narrow space, for example, between two closet doors or above a low fireplace, consider hanging two thin pieces, one above the other. You may be drawn to specific pieces of art because of a color or shape. You may recall the color of a past room, or a favorite sweater. The painting may mean one thing to you, and something else to your partner entirely. That isn't a problem, as long as you both love it.

People often overlook kitchens and bathrooms when choosing original art. If you have an extensive collection of smaller paintings, you may want to rotate them with the seasons. Suppose you want to display a group of small or medium-sized paintings. In that case, you may choose to include abstract art in your grouping along with more traditional art. Tie the group together with the color palette. There is a lot of mass-produced art available for kitchens at a reasonable price. However, mass-produced art often looks trite. If people gather in your kitchen or you spend a lot of time there, invest in a piece of original abstract art.

In the bathroom, hang a calming piece that is visible from the bathtub, or that will reflect in the mirror. Psychologists have found that most people find curves more relaxing than angles and straight lines. I suggest blue, of course.

Shop owners may want to choose a piece of original art to hang behind the cash register. You've put time, money, and resources into your business. Invest in some original abstract art. Purple is often associated with royalty, incorporating purple into the decor of a high-end boutique. Original abstract artwork is a timeless investment. The art in your spaces should speak to you, have meaning, and evoke feelings. Buy the art you love.

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