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Abstract Art- Thinking Outside of the Box

Subjectivity is a key piece in judging art. Different people have unique ways of interpreting pieces of art. Interpreting art requires a wide use of your imagination, and it’s up to you to decide what it means to you. Artists create different types of art as a way to express their feelings or their imagination. It is something that is beautiful and takes a lot of skill to do.

Abstract Art is different from any regular art because it’s completely left to your imagination. It’s not just a painting of a girl playing with her friends or a picture of a tree. It's a combination of colors, shapes, and patterns.

Understanding Abstract Art

The first step in understanding abstract art is to use your imagination. When you first look at the painting, ask yourself, What do I see? What does this piece of art make me feel?

These are important questions to ask when viewing abstract art. There isn’t a wrong answer because it was left up to interpretation for your imagination. This beauty of abstract art is, you don’t readily know what you’re viewing, so you have to keep an open mind to what you’re seeing.

Abstract art is filled with colors, shapes, forms, and textures. Your first reaction when looking at abstract art, maybe, “My kid could draw some shapes and colored in them.” If this is your thought, then you’re wrong. Abstract artists possess a deep understanding of lines, composition, shapes, and colors, and how to blend them into creating a magnificent piece of art. This is a way to express your creativity through non-standard means.

In a sense, abstract art has no real meaning, and it is also hard to define as meaningful. In this case, you could say, “The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” because you essentially make the art. There are simply lines, shapes, colors, and textures, and you piece it together. Weirdly, you are an artist when viewing abstract art.

Not everyone has the same reaction to abstract art, however. Some people can become “annoyed” at the simple fact they don’t know what they're looking at. It’s very confusing because it’s essentially a complicated piece, like a puzzle, that you have to piece together yourself. Sure, it requires you to tap into your imagination, but that doesn’t mean the art is uninteresting or easy.

Who is Abstract Art for?

As you may know, art is a way to express your feelings or creativity. It’s an outlet for many people, and through this outlet, wonderful works of art are created. Abstract art is a more complex way than normal art to display your creativity. Through a combination of colors, shapes, lines, and textures, you create art that is unique to you and also unique to your viewers.

So who exactly is abstract for? The answer to this question is, everyone. To create abstract art, you need the required skills to create the art, but you need a wide imagination. Imagination and skills are the two most important things to create abstract art in the end.

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