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Guidelines on Buying Art for your Home

To decorate the walls, there are several things you should put in mind. Getting a painting from Mark Carrara Art that suits your home ensures that it suits the rest of your house. It is vital to ensure you get paintings that fit in the design of your house. Here are a few tips of factors we consider when choosing a painting to decorate your house;

Color of the painting

We always look into the colors of your walls, upholstery, furniture, and other things in the room. As a homeowner, we can help you create a contrast between paintings and walls to prevent paintings that have the same shade as the walls. On the contrary, you should choose paintings with colors found on the throw pillows, upholstery, area rug, and curtains of your rooms.

Size of painting

Our company measures the furniture and wall depending on the place you intend to put your painting. The painting should not be too large or too small for the space available or your wall. We ensure you create a balance by buying a painting that is not longer or larger than your bed or couch. The painting should leave some space around it that is bare after hanging on the wall.

The subject of the painting

Before selecting and buying a painting, we help you settle for the artwork theme that matches the purpose of your room or house in general. For instance, in the dining room, your painting should entail artwork of foods, wine images, or fruits. For your bedroom, sunset paintings will suit you best. Match the content of the artwork on the painting with what the room is about.

Incorporation of style

The style of your interior décor and the style of your painting should match. In case you live in a modern home with little furniture, get paintings that match your environment. If your home has a contemporary style, go for contemporary artwork rather than traditional painting. Our paintings are in a wide range to fit perfectly for your home style.

The frame of your painting

Most people in the modern world prefer to get artwork that is not formed and mounted on canvas wrapped in the gallery. This method of presenting artwork displays a contemporary and casual look. Several people consider framed artwork as old school and formal. However, some instances demand to frame, like decorating a home with formal decorations with a painting that portrays the traditional designs. We are committed to giving you the best frames and designs.

Taste and preference

Getting a painting for your home should be about what you like. You spend most of your time at home, hence creating an environment surrounded by things you love seeing. In case you love modern artwork, consider getting paintings that fit in your line of taste. You should be passionate about your selection of paintings.

Quality of the painting

Genuine collectors of art have the value of art in mind. It is important to go for paintings from the original art gallery. Paintings from artwork enthusiasts guarantee you quality and value for your money.

Our art helps you in portraying your personality to the world; they display the things you like and are passionate about. For the best paintings, reach us through email on: mark@markcarrara.

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