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How to Decorate With Art

Do you have a vacant wall in your house or business that you need to fill? Here are some recommendations for choosing to decorate with art in your own areas. There's no right or wrong way to present art, but sometimes it can feel challenging to decorate your home or office. The most essential thing is to make it look and feel comfortable to you.

Group Artwork Based on a Theme

First, choose a few colors that you like and look for artworks that share those hues. This is the best way to ensure that your personality is reflected in your decorating style.

Authenticate Your Art

It's not as hard as it seems. Simply select things that communicate a message or a passion. Maybe you really believe in or adore something. Do you enjoy fashion and the current trends? Choose art that reflects your individuality. Find art that speaks to you and makes you happy. Never select art or art styles based on popularity. The more “you” they are, the better.

Set A Tone

Consider the purpose of the room or place. Do you want your room to generate a specific emotion? Look for art pieces that naturally soothe you to add to your bedroom. Maybe you want to infuse some energy into your office. Seek inspiration or motivational items. Choose something that makes you feel wonderful in your house or space. Is your style more neutral or black and white? Try something new and pick at least one piece of art with a splash of color. Color can bring drama to a place and make it feel more pulled together.

Decorate With Art on a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can transform a room. Try first arranging your art pieces on the floor to see how they will look on the wall. To easily hang your gallery wall, just trace the frames of each item on paper and attach them to the wall. After everything is placed and looks excellent, hang your art effortlessly.

Be Fun

Everyone has unusual corners, walls, or areas in the home or office. And Why not embrace the unique and hang a piece or two of art to breathe fresh life into that space? Whether you go large or little, you may discover a new respect for that oddball corner of your house.

Consider Height

Generally, the center of the artwork should be 57 inches (145 cm) above the floor when hanging it. This is the typical person's eye level and the gallery standard. This guideline doesn't always apply in places like dining rooms, living rooms, and workplaces where we sit a lot. In these cases, hang your painting a little lower.

Ultimately, the art you decorate with is your own decision. These guidelines will give you a place to start, but you should always feel free to break the rules. Have fun and make your home or office your own when you decorate with art!

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