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How to Pick the Perfect Wall Art to Enhance Your Home or Business

Art enhances any space. However, it takes some practice and a plan to be able to pick the perfect wall art. The good news is that today, you can find a variety of art styles online to discover what you like.

There are so many genres, from classical realism to impressionistic landscapes and our favorite, abstract art. It may be overwhelming when you start looking and want to pick the perfect wall art. After all, original art is an investment.

If you want to buy original art and you're wondering how to pick the perfect wall art for your home, business, or another space, read on to discover some essential tips.

Pick the Perfect Wall Art: Size Matters

Before you consider what kind of art you want, it's a good idea to think about the space it will occupy. A little nook by a stairwell will require a different size than a big bare living room wall. One way to narrow your choices is to know ahead of time where it is that you plan to hang your painting.

Large or oversized paintings of 20 to 40 inches or more act as focal points on a wall in a room. You don't need more than one or two paintings this size in a room. Once you get under 20 inches with medium to small paintings, you might want to group them on a wall or find smaller intimate spaces to display them.

Consider Your Budget

You may decide that you'd like to purchase several art pieces to help pull your décor together. Regardless of if you want to buy one large painting, several small pieces, or a combination, it's important to have a budget in mind. While you can pick the perfect wall art for under $100, you may want to splurge if you find a work of art that fits all of your requirements.

Pick the Perfect Wall Art for Your Style

Like everything, your taste in art reflects your style. Whether you have a bohemian flair or you tend toward the contemporary, there is a piece of art for you. Before you attempt to pick the perfect wall art for your space, take a look around, and consider your style.

  • Choose art to match the style of the space

  • Think about the color of the furniture, walls, and floor

  • If you have the room, pick one focus piece

  • Purchase a set, trio, or group small or miniature

Whether or not you pick the perfect wall art from one artist or several painters, you can make them look cohesive with frames. If your style is eclectic, it's fun to use mismatched frames and find one element that ties it all together, such as a specific color.

The Bottom Line

When you invest in the perfect wall art, you're likely to live with it for many years. The most important thing is that you find art that you love.

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