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The Attraction of Abstract Art

There are many forms of art and secondary types within each form. One's exposure to fine art can often create a wider experience as to what the mind is able to appreciate. Abstract art is the ultimate example of how vast the senses are able to weave a desirable picture when they work together in harmony.

Mark Carrara Art features bright colors with lots of texture. Each painting has a primary shape that expands into a new open dimension. Traveling into each segment brings a feeling of playfulness and dreams of beauty and smiles. The strong colors make Mark Carrara Art a focal point in any living area.

Acrylic abstract art is this artist's choice in the media. Using a wood board or canvas brings a burst of flavor in the texture and two-dimensional activity. Whether blocks of red and orange shades or swirls of blues and violet, each wall hanging forces the observer to use their eyes, ears, and sense of scent to form an individual scene of happiness.

Placement is Everything

Many types of abstract art demand attention. This is no different from Mark Carrara Art. There is no sharing with the pop colors and designs that radiate from these wall hangings. Be sure to select a space to be dedicated to your Mark Carrara Art. Whether positioned above a couch or centered above a fireplace, make sure that your original painting stands alone.

When hanging over a couch, be sure that the center of the art piece is at eye level. Also, the width should never be longer than your furniture. Three-quarters the length is perfect for bringing balance to the wall. If you choose to hang above the fireplace, never make your art piece larger than the fireplace opening. This will help the two focal points merge together and become one in your presentation. It can be difficult to select the right design for your decor and to get the sizing right. Mark Carrara Art offers assistance as an abstract expressionist to bring out the most professional and explosive look.

Abstract painting does not have to be a taste acquired, but a shifting of the brain and imagination. Many abstract artists do not set out to master abstract media, but they grow into the mold as their experience expands. Some describe Mark Carrara's art as 'vintage in design', but impressions and emotions are more accurate in description.

If you are looking for a different grade of satisfaction in your love of art, check out the work of Mark Carrara Art for a fresh look in beauty and design. It may be just what you have been looking for without realizing it.

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