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Tips For Choosing Abstract Art Paintings For Your Home

Artwork plays different roles in each persons life, from the people who make them to the people who buy them. Most people who have never purchased a piece of abstract art may think there’s nothing to it. Yet when you walk into a gallery or surf a website with abstract art for sale it can be a little overwhelming. But when it comes to buying abstract art, be it abstract art paintings or abstract art in other forms, it doesn’t have to be. No one wants to purchase something that will disappoint them in the end. So when your thinking about buying abstract art paintings, here are a few things you can think about to help you make the best buy decisions for you and your home or office. Keep these tips in mind when you’re looking for abstract art paintings and you won’t be disappointed.

Buy what you love most

Abstract art is one of the most personal choices any person can make. You might love the color in a piece of my artwork while someone else might love the textures. It never fails that when I show my artwork to more than one person at the same time each person always gravitates toward different works for different reasons. So, when looking at abstract art for sale and trying to select the best piece for you always think about what you love first. The type of abstract art that you select should be art that makes you feel good when you look at it. That’s what will help you feel confident that you made the best choice. Things like the color, style, price, texture, canvas or wood panel, and even size of the artwork are not unimportant, but you have to love the art first.

Look around

Another thing that will help you choose the best piece of abstract art for you is to look around. Abstract art is pretty popular today and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Some works are on canvas, some on wood board, some on paper, and so on. Most of my works are on canvas or wood panel. But don’t just choose the first abstract art painting that you see. It’s generally better if you’re willing to take time to look around at artwork before you buy. You can view art in brick and mortar galleries, or online galleries and artist websites like mine to see the different pieces and types of abstract art that are available to you. This process will help you discover new artists, new works, and pieces of art that move you the most, whether they be canvas art, or art on paper, etc.

Be open-minded

Most people think that abstract art refers to paintings only, but not true. Art, and abstract art in particular, covers a wide range of creativity and mediums from painting to photography to sculpture and so much more. Even in the realm of painting art is incredibly varied. You could have acrylic paintings, oil paintings, cold wax and oil paintings, encaustic works, watercolor works. Some are on paper, some on canvas, some on wood, and more. Be open to the various mediums of art like painting, photography, and sculpture that abstract artists use to express their feelings and emotions. I think you’ll find it fascinating and fall in love with the variety.

Have a focal point

Think about showcasing your artwork in whatever room you choose to display it in order to draw attention to it and make it stand out. If you know where you want to hang the art before you buy it, it will help you make a great purchase decision. And always be thinking about how you can display it. How you do this depends upon the type of art you’re displaying. If you’re hanging a work on canvas or wood panel, for example, think about the lighting you will have on the piece. Thinks about the wall color too. For example, if you have a very light abstract painting you might want to hang it on a darker wall, or repaint the wall a darker color so the artwork pops.

If the artwork needs to be framed choose a frame that lets the art shine and doesn’t distract from it. Frames are like supporting actors. They are there to help tell the story, but they are not intended to be the main character. Select abstract art that helps give your home the vibe you want. Most of the time it probably won’t matter if the artwork is painted on canvas, or wood panel, or paper. Most people would never notice the difference. So choose what works for you and use your art, paintings and all, to capture the attention of everyone coming into your home.

Set a budget

Abstract art for sale comes in a range of prices. Generally, when it comes to abstract art painting the larger the piece the more expensive it is. But at the same time, often the larger the piece the less it costs per square inch. So you can pay more for a larger piece of art, but get a better value overall.

Additionally, oil paintings tend to be more costly that acrylic paintings. Paintings on wood panel tend to be more expensive than painting on canvas. Mostly because certain materials just cost more than other materials. Oil paints tend to be more costly than acrylics. Wood panels are more costly than canvas. It also depends on whether artwork requires a frame to be displayed and if it comes framed or not. Most of my larger pieces are painted on gallery wrap canvas or cradled wood panel which do not require frames and are ready to hang as is. That can be a huge savings on a large piece of art. And most of my smaller pieces come framed and ready to hang right out of the box, which is a great savings. It also makes them great gifts ideas too. Frames are not inexpensive these days. So set a budget and look for works of art that are in your price range so you never regret your purchases.

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