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How to Price on Art for Sale

When pricing art for sale at Mark Carrara Art I take into consideration pretty commonly used factors to settle on a price for a piece of art. These factors include things like:

The medium used in making the abstract wall art

One of the first factors that goes into pricing my acrylic abstract art is the medium I used to create it. As of the writing of this post most of my work is presently mixed media acrylic. Although I do some work in cold wax and oil as well. You’ll notice that my cold wax and oil pieces are, inch for inch, a little more expensive that my acrylic works. This reflects, in part, the cost and time difference in working with oils over acrylics. Oil paints tend to be more costly and require more extensive clean up. The slow drying times for oils also means each piece takes a lot longer to complete. All of that factors into the pricing.

The substrate the artwork is on

I work mostly on canvas, especially for the acrylic abstract art pieces. But I also do works on cradled wood panels, flat wood panels, and paper. Cradled wood panels, especially, are significantly more expensive than a canvas of the same size. So works on wood panel, which are usually my cold wax and oil pieces, do tend to cost a little more than works on canvas. When I work on paper I tend to mount it on wood panel for stability and longevity, which can increase the cost slightly.

My larger works, canvas or wood, are typically done on either gallery wrap canvas or a cradled wood panel. One of the advantages of these pieces is that these substrate frames are dimensional, anywhere from 1.375” to 2” thick. The benefit of this is that these larger pieces don’t require framing. That is a huge cost savings for anyone purchasing one of my larger pieces of art.

The size of the wall art

The size of the wall art is the other factor that goes into cost of all the abstract art I sell. Larger pieces of my art will cost more in total, but typically have a lower cost per square inch. In other words, you will pay more for a larger piece, because it’s larger, but you’ll get a better value for your purchase.

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