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Top Benefits of Abstract Art

How do you describe something that tends to defy description. Even the term abstract art is nebulous. Add to that the fact that most artists really don’t like being pegged as someone who does one kind of art. Labels tend to be overrated. Art is personal. It’s personal to the artist who creates it and it’s personal to the person who buys it. All art, including abstract art, is a form of expression. Artists use their art to express anything from emotion, ideas, culture, images, and more by using shape, design, value, texture, color, materials, and more. Every artists leaves a piece of themselves in every piece of art they create. Whoever buys the art is buying the privilege to enter that artists world and making it their own every time they look at the art on their wall.

It expands creativity as well as imagination

One of the benefits of abstract art is that it expands the imagination and creativity of everyone who creates and sees the artwork. As an abstract artist at Mark Carrara Art, I love the art that I create and especially the fact that it is abstract. When you look at a piece of representational art you often already have some preconceived ideas about what you’re looking at. After all a house is a house. But when you look at a piece of abstract art you really are free to use your imagination to draw meaning because there isn’t much to stand in its way.

Abstract artwork encourages people to look at things from a different angle

Because most abstract art doesn’t typically and obviously represent something we already know or recognize finding meaning in abstract art can take the viewer on a bit of a journey as they view the work from different perspectives looking for meaning. When you let the artwork lead your thoughts and feelings this way it will often lead you to find a very personal meaning in the artwork that you can cherish for years to come. Your meaning may be very different than what the artist intended, but it will be your meaning, and that’s what counts.

It gives people the pleasure of coming up with unique things

Unlike the mass manufacturing of a product, artists creating abstract art never produce the same piece twice. In fact, I don’t think I could reproduce one of my pieces even if I wanted to. Every piece of abstract art I create is unique.
When I create a piece I am putting down layer upon layer of paint, texture, pastels, charcoal, etc. I put it down, scrape it around, sand it off, and put more down. Color’s are being mixed on the fly to fit that piece of art in the moment. The process may be reproducible, the finished product not so much. At least not reproducible in the way making a frying pan might be reproducible. That means that the piece of art you get from me will always be a unique, one of a kind, piece of art. There will never be another one like it.

People never run of ideas

Since abstract art is well… so abstract it allows artists to express themselves in an unlimited number of ways. There are definitely principles that make great abstract art great. But, I tend to think, that the boundaries for abstract art are wider than for representational art and that makes room for more ideas than you could probably ever capture on canvas in one lifetime. Everything and anything around the artists can become a source of inspiration for a painting or two. Translating those inspirations into a work of abstract work is where it gets real and personal, but it’s also where it get incredibly satisfying.

It is fun

Everybody likes having fun. No one want to be bored. Making abstract art is a real challenge, but it’s also a lot of fun. Where else can someone make a living splattering paint on a canvas? But it’s not just fun for the artist. It’s also fun for the person who buys the art. I love to see the smile on someone’s face when they buy and hang a piece of my artwork in their home or office. You can tell that just looking at the work of art in its new home brings them a sense of satisfaction and even joy. Art should make you feel good and I work hard to create pieces that do that for people.

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