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How To Take Care Of Abstract Artwork

If you are an abstract artwork lover or a seasoned art collector, an abstract artist you’ll want to take care of your abstract artwork so it lasts for decades. Most people think that all you need to do after purchasing your abstract artwork is hang it and forget. But large abstract wall art, especially, is prone to damage

that smaller framed pieces under glass may not be. So there are a few things you can do to better protect it and make sure it lasts.

Care during transportation

When you are transporting your abstract artwork, even if it’s just from room to room, take care to handle it properly. Generally, the less you touch the face of the artwork the better. My artwork is sealed and I actually want people to touch the face of it. It think that’s part of the experience. But that doesn’t mean there are no rules. Clean hands make a difference. But for transporting around the house its best to wear gloves and hold the sides or back of the frame. Never lay artwork down on it’s face and keep the surface away from anything that might puncture it or scratch it. Large canvas artwork is especially prone to this kind of damage.

If shipping it or moving it in a vehicle I recommend that you cover the face of the artwork with glassine, if it’s not under glass. It’s like a wax paper that prevents acids from cardboard and other shipping materials from getting on the surface. Cover the glassine with cardboard and wrap with elastic wrap. Then you can package it with bubble wrap as needed in a box. You should consider insuring the work for transport. Most shipping insurance will only cover a few hundred dollars worth of damage unless you buy separate insurance for it. If you are insuring your artwork the shipper may want to pack it so it meets their specifications for insurance. But I’d still place the glassine on it first, as they may not do that.


Good original abstract art is not cheap. It’s an investment that will last decades and bring you a lot of pleasure over those years. So if you ever have to place a piece of your abstract art in storage for a time take care to store it in such a way that it does not get damaged or begin to deteriorate during that time. Storing them carefully ensures they will last a long time, and you get the most from your investment.

So store them in a place where there is no excess light that might cause fading or moisture. These are the two of the main factors that can lead to the deterioration of the abstract wall art. Additionally, your storage area should be appropriately ventilated and temperature controlled. Excessive heat or cold can irreparably damage your artwork. Also, keep individual pieces of artwork from being pressed against each other and keep them up off the floor. Artwork on the floor is subject to water damage and damage from someone kicking it accidentally. Artwork pressed against other artwork won’t have proper

ventilation and may actually stick together and be damaged when you pull them apart. Lastly, ensure that you store your one of a kind art in a place where there are no insects, pests, rats, and any animal that can damage them.


We touched on this already, but it’s important. Most abstract wall art is damaged because it was mishandled. So, it's essential to ensure that you handle your one of a kind art carefully. For instance, get help when it comes to lifting them when heavy.


If you want to increase your abstract wall art's lifespan, hang it properly. There are several precautions that you can take when hanging your abstract wall art to protect it including:

  • Avoid hanging your abstract wall art in direct sunlight.

  • Hang in an area that is temperature controlled.

  • Hang the abstract wall art in a moisture-free place.

  • Hang your abstract wall art in a place where it won’t be accidentally bumped.

  • Consider the weight of your abstract wall art before hanging it and properly support it.

  • Use a two point hanging system. So if one point fails the artwork may tilt on the wall, but it probably won’t fall and be damaged.


When it comes to cleaning your abstract wall art, know that water and chemicals are not friends of your abstract wall art. Just use a soft clean piece of cloth to wipe it down occasionally and keep dust from building up on it.

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