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Mark Carrara Creates Abstract Art that Inspires a Mood and a Moment

When you discover a work of art that resonates with you on an aesthetic or personal level, this is the art that you should make your own. It is a shared understanding between the creative who fashioned the piece and the viewer. Art and emotion combine to inspire the perceiver's desire to reach out and experience a direct connection.

Explore work that is rich in color, line, form, and mystery. A canvas that arouses emotion and stirs curiosity and that may call forth a sensation of nostalgia. As in any artwork, the relationship between art and the perceiver is an intimate and never to be duplicated or reproduced connection. Or as the seminal abstract artist, famed painter Wassily Kandinsky noted (pun intended), “Form itself, even if completely abstract ... has its own inner sound.”

Artists are drawn to create abstract and modern art for the same reasons that humanity has always hungered, fashioned, and sought after beauty. To share a vision of vitality, to display sensuality and style, and to capture the proverbial lightning-bolt that is human existence in an exhilarating statement, from the time of cave paintings to those works that we hang on the wall. Because in the quotidian and day-to-day business of existence, where function often dictates form, beauty for its own sake can be seen as a radical statement regarding the largesse and the nobility of the human spirit.

Whether you are drawn to vibrant colors, clean and classic lines, or the feel and mood of a piece, consider art in mixed media and digital media paintings that can enhance and beautify your environment. Works that are vibrant, lovely, and ethereal yet energetic. Take control of your space and display the imprint of your personality through art.

Enjoy abstract work that has a vintage vibe to it, calling attention to the well-loved, the used, the dynamic, and relying upon texture, form, and the interplay of light, shadow, and line. Think of it as being “drawn to things that show their character.”

The power and the beauty of paintings often express our most sacred and strongest beliefs. These are expressed with a beautiful boldness that forges a bond of connection between the artist and viewer. The power of an artwork is a chord that resonates inside the perceiver. “Feel free to reach out,” the artist invites. And the viewer is drawn both tactilely and emotionally to connect with the piece. Great imagery compels the viewer's imagination and emotions. This is the artwork to display in your space.

It is the universal desire to make contact, almost a physical hunger for touch, that creates a frisson of excitement. When the viewer has “this urge to touch it, to feel it, even rub their hand over it,” then this is “art that makes you feel.” Discover abstract art that enhances and beautifies your space, making your environment uniquely your own.

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